Clinics We Offer

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Contraception Services

The Practice Nurses carry out Pill Checks and administer the Contraceptive Injections. 

Our specialist members can fit coils & implants. This would be within allocated appointments slots. To access these you will need a specific telephone appointment initially booked only through calling the practice or via another clinician if deemed suitable. You will be sent information and a text questionnaire in advance. The trained coil/implant fitter will review your answers and call you to discuss further. If appropriate, they will book you in for a coil/implant fitting with them at the practice. 

If you would like more information on these highly reliable and reversible contraceptives, please see the information below:


IUD/copper coil:


If there are no suitable appointments available, you can access implants and coils through the ICASH service. Please see the link

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Antenal Clinics

A Midwife from Hinchingbrooke Hospital holds an Antenatal clinic at the practice on Monday and Wednesday mornings plus Thursday afternoons.

The midwife looks after women who are booked at the Rosie and Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

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Baby Immunisation Clinics

The clinics are carried out by a practice nurse. At the clinic your baby will receive their routine vaccinations.

Your child will receive a letter from child health asking you to book an appointment for the vaccinations – however, if you feel you should have received a letter from child health, please contact us.

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Baby Development Checks

This clinic is for babies 6 - 8 weeks checks. You will receive a letter from child health asking you to book this appointment.

The appointment will be with a nurse practitioner. In the week before the appointment, you will need to have your baby weighed and measured in the baby clinic (held in Cambourne Library on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month between 09:30 – 11:30).

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Minor Operations

Flu Clinics

The clinics are usually carried out in October – December and are by invitation only.

All eligible patients will receive a letter from the practice.

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Phlebotomy Clinic

Phlebotomy Clinics are for patients who require a blood test.

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Vasectomy Clinic

Vasectomies are carried out at the surgery by Dr Bailey who is trained as a GP with special interest in this area.

If you would like more information please contact one of the GPs at the surgery.


Dementia hub

Every two months we host a dementia hub run by Alzheimer's uk facilitated by Meridian PCN. This is for people diagnosed with dementia or awaiting a clinic to possibly diagnosed dementia, and their carers. They will provide support, advice, and sign-posting to relevant services and benefits. They can also provide help if there is an urgent change in behaviour in the person with dementia by closely following up over the phone and offering advice to best alleviate these crises. Please contact us if you would like to access this service.


COPD workshop

Melbourn hub, as part of our PCN, will host workshops to educate and support people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. A specialist respiratory nurse will provide knowledge and up to date tips. The breathlessness from this can be debilitating, as one of our recent research studies has shown, and so we are proud to offer some more support. These are ad hoc events so please look out for our social media or the PCN website.


STARS (Short Term Alcohol Reduction Service)

Change Grow Live are running a clinic at Monkfield on a regular basis. This is for people who drink alcohol above the recommended level (14 units a week/7 pints of beer / 4 gasses of wine) but do not suffer an addiction. The specially trained team can help on a 1:1 basis to provide motivation, tips and support to reduce drinking to a sensible level - helping to reduce risks of cancer, dementia and gut disease. Please contact us for more information or a referral.


Menopause cafe

This popular group session provides support and advice for patients suffering from menopause symptoms from a Meridian PCN health coach and one of our trained menopause prescribers at the practice. Please see the Meridian PCN website for more information