Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

The practice will complete private forms for patients however, there is usually a fee as this work is extra to that funded by the NHS and has to be completed outside of NHS time. These forms can include; fitness to drive, pre-employment questionnaires, insurance reports, etc. Generally the GPs need four to six weeks to complete private forms and letters due to the volume of requests that we receive. If a form or letter is needed more urgently than this we will try to meet a tighter deadline. However, this may not be possible as we always prioritise NHS work.

Where it is available the Practice follows the guidance of the British Medical Association for the charges to be made for these services.

If you have an enquiry about a non NHS form, or would like a quote for completing a non NHS form, please contact the practice and ask to speak to Tanya. Please do not make an appointment with a GP for completion of a private form or to ask for a letter unless you have been advised to do so by one of our administrators.

Payment must be received before we can send your form off or give it to you – we are only able to accept cheques or cash.

Click on the link below for our fee guidelines

Non NHS Fee Guidelines.pdf

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